The 18-years-old Company Founder

In the realm of entrepreneurship, age is often considered a secondary factor to experience. Ameer Ali Salman, at the age of 18, has emerged as a notable figure in Pakistan’s media and marketing landscape.

Hailing from a small town, Ameer is the founder of Markhor Times, a news company, and owns a marketing agency, showcasing a diverse business portfolio.

Ameer’s early years were spent in a close-knit village. Recognizing his potential, his family relocated to the city, providing him with a broader outlook.

Markhor Times, Ameer’s brainchild, swiftly gained recognition for its balanced reporting. The company is acknowledged for its informative and impartial approach to news delivery, appealing to a broad readership.

Beyond news reporting, Ameer expanded into the realm of digital marketing, recognizing the symbiotic relationship between media and marketing. This strategic move highlights Ameer’s adaptability and understanding of diverse business ventures.

Despite his burgeoning success, Ameer remains connected to his roots, returning to his ancestral village. This decision reflects a deep-seated appreciation for his heritage and a desire to contribute to his community.

Ameer Ali Salman’s journey is marked by determination and a pragmatic approach to business. At 18, he has established a notable presence in Pakistan’s media and marketing sector. His story serves as a reminder that age is not the sole determinant of success. As he continues to lead Markhor Times, the trajectory of this young entrepreneur’s journey is one to watch with interest.

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