Beginning of the 2B Continued Band

Jahfeeil, once known as Elder Manley, started The 2B Continued Band in 1987. It wasn’t just any band; it was a mix of different talents and sounds. Jahfeeil brought together musicians who loved creating soulful and rhythmic music.

They connected with the audience through live performances. People in Houston noticed. The band became well-known in the local music scene. The 2B Continued Band’s performances were dynamic and unforgettable.

Elder Manley also known as Jahfeeil
Elder Manley also known as Jahfeeil

Even though The 2B Continued Band may not be in the spotlight today, their legacy lives on. The music they created together still influences new musicians. Jahfeeil’s band wasn’t just about a moment in time; it was the start of a musical journey that continues to inspire and make a lasting impact.

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